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The work summary of the production department in 2017 and the prospect of the work in 2018

Company news
2018/01/02 10:10




In December 31, 2017 the company general manager Chen, Deputy General Zhang sum of R & D department, production department, customer service department, purchasing department, quality department and human resources department and other departments in charge of the leadership and the production workshop director and team leader and other front-line managers called the production department 2017 annual work summary of the meeting in the multi-functional meeting room on the third floor, production Minister Chen first reviews the main contents of the work in 2017, the production department, the achievements and deficiencies still exist, and the focus of work in 2018, everyone to listen to the voice of the production line management together, a total of the Union speech, President Chen made the production according to the 2017 results affirmed, hope you summarize the experience, around the company's 2018 annual performance indicators, solidarity and cooperation, join hands and create brilliant.