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Yangzi interior decoration Co., Ltd. convened a meeting of advanced Party branch

Company news
2011/07/06 01:17

Congratulations on the Yangzi Auto Parts Company Limited was awarded the "advanced grass-roots party organizations" title, for the 89 year old birthday party, my factory actively organize various departments cadres in-depth study of a series of activities "Scientific Outlook on Development", strengthen the ideological education of Party members, Party members to prepare oath to join the party organization.



In the activities, the main "four activities" as the carrier: first, "to create a learning party organization, to improve the ideological and political level" activities. To create a learning party organization, striving to be a learning member as the carrier, general Party spirit education of Party members. The two is "building a joint service at the base of service and strengthening the construction of the work style of the organs". In the construction of the activities to strengthen party spirit, change work style, in the service of grass-roots inspection commitments, to trust the masses. Three is "bright brand demonstration for advanced, strive for first-class dedication" activities. By wearing the emblem, set up the party demonstration window, the light up party membership, to promote Party members to play a vanguard and exemplary role. Four is to create "party building demonstration point units, improve the level of science" activities. We should further strengthen the standardized construction of the party organizations, positions, activities, systems and safeguards of the party organization, and improve the scientific level of the party building work of the organs.