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  Yangzi lihua auto interior & exterior Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise in Yangzhou city Jiangsu province. It mainly engaged in design, development and manufacturing of automobile and engineering machinery internal and external decoration. The company locates in Gongdao, on the northern of famous city Yangzhou and there is convenient transport facilitation. The liberal Runyang Bridge and Ningqi Railway make our communication more conveniently.
   The company was founded in March 1989. The total area is 80,000 ㎡and building area is 43,000 ㎡. Wherein, there is a 4,500 ㎡synthesis building and it collect scientific research, office and living together. The factory in Yangzhou covers an area of about 11000 ㎡and building area is 4400 ㎡. The enterprise has fixed assets of 77,000,000RMB. Company is made up of three products base, a materials production base and an Automotive Trim engineering and technology research center. Company mainly dose design, development and manufacture the internal and external decoration accessories of passenger cars, trucks and construction machinery and so on.
  Now there are 450 employees in the company. Wherein there are 80 technicians, 12 senior engineers and 22 engineers. Also they have an excellent development, production, management and after-sales service team. The company has equipments as below: 1 piece of polyurethane rigid foam 10-station production line (Germany Klaus • Maffei LFI-PUR equipment), 12 sets of 300 –1300+ tons pressure machines, 9 sets of 12, 300- tons pressure machines, 9 sets of vacuum forming equipments, 2 pieces of interior pressure lines, 1 piece of exterior pieces of the production line (Japan PDCPD equipment) and more than 20 sets of various Mold finishing equipment.
  “In 2008 company achieve sale of 200 million yuan (excluding taxes), get to 18 million yuan profit-taxes. Within five years, the company expects a target that market sales can achieve 600 million yuan. To strengthen and improve the quality management, the company introduced the international quality management system. In April 2002, it passed China's new era QS9000 Quality System Certification Center Certification. In 2005 it passed the ISO/TS16949 quality system certification and they also import the ERP management system into the internal management of enterprises.


Yangzi lihua


Yangzi lihua